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Digital Style Guide

FIU owns over 3,000 websites maintained by web and marketing teams all over the university. Each website passes through many hands, and it can be difficult to maintain a consistent FIU experience. That's why we created a central source for all design, development and editorial standards. Not only do these standards help us maintain the quality and consistency of our digital brand, they also help us become faster and more agile at producing websites. They are also a key in adhering to the required FIU Digital Standards Policy and FIU Brand Standards. These standards compose a “living style guide” that will grow as we improve and modernize FIU websites, and they are our first and most important step in creating a unified online presence for FIU.

What is it for?

To define design standards and familiarize all designers, developers and content strategists at FIU with common language and tools. The style guide is an internal tool of Digital Communications, but we encourage everyone to use to it to keep all web teams at FIU in sync.

Who should use it?

Any faculty, staff, or administrator who cares about the consistency, efficiency and style of FIU's web presence is encouraged to use it to inform themselves. Whether you work in web production or you're a novice tasked with updating a web page, this guide is for you.

Get Started

  • Pattern Library - A catalog of design components used to make official FIU websites.
  • Editorial Guide - A manual for how to write for the web and styles for FIU language and grammar.
  • Content Areas - Sites made by Digital Communications are created using modules called content areas. Learn how to use them here.
  • Developer Guide - A technical guide of how we launch websites and what you can do to get your site up and running.
  • Templates - The final product. This section shows examples of what a finished site can look like.

Update to the New Standards

Redesign your website based on the new standards and get a faster, cleaner website.