What We Do

We're the full-service digital authority at FIU, kinda like a fancy boutique shop but without the pretense and expense account. See what we have to offer and reach out to us to get your project started.

Content Strategy

Eight seconds. That's the attention span in the digital world. We can help you create and structure content that connects with your audience — quickly.

Internal & External Communications

Centralized calendars, e-mail marketing, directory listings and more. We create a variety of communications solutions that help your reach your audience.

Website Development

User-centric and cutting edge. We build and maintain sites and standards that deliver the experience our increasingly mobile, always-on audiences demand.

Mobile Application Development

Apps can be a great way to deliver tailored functionality. When your ideas are bigger than the web, we can build apps that harness the native functions of mobile devices.

Domain Registration

Need a domain for your site to call home? We can help ensure your domain is properly registered with the university and even obtain a new domain for you.

Faculty & Research Solutions

Reach your students and the world. Our faculty and research solutions make it easy to leverage the power of the web to share your work, research and course materials.

Our Recent Work

FIU Digital Standards

Communications Policy

The policy ensures your digital solutions meet FIU's digital standards. We'll even give your project a once-over to make sure it checks out.

View Policy

Branding Standards

The Digital Branding Guidelines make it easy to build apps and websites that deliver awesome user experiences and convey the spirit of FIU's brand to our audiences.

View Guidelines

Style Guide

The Digital Style Guide is an excellent resource for all FIU web and mobile app developers to better understand FIU's digital design and editorial requirements..

View Style Guide

FIU Platform Standards

Cascade CMS

FIU's only offically supported content management system. We help your team leverage this powerful resource for your website.

Cascade CMS


Only 20% of FIU's 3,000 websites are responsive to mobile devices. We strive to reach 100% within the next 5 years at FIU.