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Help Us Make Better Websites

Give us your thoughts and we’ll crank out a better FIU web experience. User testing allows us to get your feedback and figure out what works and what’s not working so well. We then use those insights to make everyone’s lives just a little bit easier by designing cleaner, more intuitive sites and apps.

How’s it work?

We utilize a variety of testing methods to gauge how intuitive our solutions are. Some of these methods are more involved (we throw in a gift for your time!) and others might take just a minute. Our needs will vary depending on our project load, but your input is always welcome. Here’s how our testing works:

Guided User Testing:

We run you through a set of tasks and observe how you interact with a site or an app. You tell us what you think, and we’ll ask some questions along the way. A guided user test takes about a half hour and we’ve been known to throw in free food and gift cards for your help. Interested? Sign up and we’ll let you know when we’ve got a test lined up:

Online Testing:

From time to time, we might need a just a little insight. These quick tests can give us a lot of useful information and they’ll take just a minute of your time. Click any of these links to get started:

We aren't conducting online testing at this time.