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Top-Tier Site

A top-tier website is a web presence that represents a school, college or large division under the university. These websites are usually larger, informative and a bit more dynamic. Page design on top-tier sites is highly customizable, however, there are some pages with pre-set designs, most notably homepage, the faculty directory and news page. These pages are also usable in child sites but vary slightly.


Top-Tier Homepage

Faculty Directory

Top Tier Faculty Directory


Top Tier News

Child Site

A child site is a web presence within a larger FIU site. These sites tend to be information-dense on their own, but should not be completely detached from their “parent” organization's site. Examples might include an academic department or large research center operating within a school.

Child Site Homepage

Child Site Homepage


A microsite is an extension of a top-tier or child site. These sites tend to be more focused on a single event, campaign or initiative that is sponsored by multiple units so it can not be housed under a single top-tier or child website.

Examples include:

  • Event sites (Panther Alumni Week, Torch Awards, conferences)
  • Partnership sites (Hotel Schools of Distinction)
  • Marketing initiatives (Battle of the Blues)