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The header of a website is consistent throughout all of the pages in the website. It contains official FIU logos and the search element. Additionally, the mobile version of the header also contains the site navigation (menu).

In addition to the header, the banner falls below the header and is a visual representation of a marketing initiative, campaign or event with an optional heading a CTA button.

Global Header

This is a required header on most FIU websites

Child Site Header

This navigation pattern is employed on child sites. This kind of header includes the official FIU Global Header and adds an organization-specific header. Labels on this header clearly indicate the hierarchy and help users understand the context of the organization.


Note: Dimensions for banner images: 1600 x 1068


There two options for banners:

  1. Short video clip (Cannot exceed 4 MB size, must be uploaded in .mp4 format with .ogv and .webm formats for browser compatibility and requires a .jpeg image as a place holder)
  2. Static image

Both of these choices include optional headings and a CTA button. Top-tier site and child site homepage banners differ slightly.

Second-level Page

On pages other than the hompage, there is only one option for banner graphic: a static image with an optional heading a call to action.

Emergency Alert

The emergency alert is required on all FIU websites. This alert is displayed in the header of a website when a university wide emergency is declared. The alert can be deployed to ensure that all emergency alerts are consistent and up to date.

(#FIUalert and #FIUallclear)